Outfit: Hello Sun

Hach, ich liebe diesen Blazer von Zara. Er war wahrlich kein Schnäppchen, aber dafür verleiht er jedem noch so tristen Outfit einen schicken Farbklecks.

Translate: Hach, I’m in love with this yellow Zara Blazer. Okay, he was definitely no bargain buy, but every look gets some nice color flash :) I like!

Outfit: Blazer: Zara – Blouse: Gina Tricot – Pants: New Yorker – Shoes: Zara

Nina Schwichtenberg is the blogger behind the successful German fashion and lifestyle blog FASHIIONCARPET which was founded in 2012. After her studies and working experiences at different print and online fashion magazines, Nina is now working as a full time blogger and freelance fashion editor.

Nina is known for bringing regular inspiration to her readers, always staying true to her clean and minimalistic style with a special twist. But FASHIIONCARPET is not only a destination for fashion inspiration but also as a guide for those who are searching for blogger tipps, travel advices and beauty secrets.

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